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CALLAWAY Golf Sunglasses
May 2010 - Callaway introduces a complete line of sunwear featuring NEOX Transitions SOLFX lenses which optimize outdoor performance by automatically adjusting to changing light conditions.  These lenses maximize visual acuity and depth perception for true HD visual performance. Callaway has also anounced a future release of the Callaway Eyewear line, available for the modern man in search of the perfect look both on and off the golf course. 
Russell Eyecare & Associates in St. Joseph, MN now stocks the Callaway Sunglasses, and has the ability to order any of these wrap around styles with prescription.  These digitally designed, prescription lenses are available in single vision or no-line bifocal (progressive). 
The Callaway eyeglasses release date is the 2nd week in July 2010.  Our optical will be carrying this line as soon as it is availible.